Black Locust

These trees are despised by the farmers around our county's. I am hoping to get some good out of a few. I have had some success toasting the wood in the final stages of kiln drying. If you go quite hot an Ebonizing effect can be obtained.
  1. Smellotone OPUS III 
Black Locust Hybrid Banjo 
almost ready for sanding
  2. Light, Medium, and Dark
  3. The Wood Cooker
  4. 8 inch pipe for the vacuum kiln project
  5. July 1955 Wilbur Stapp saw mill, James W. Brown
  6. 1955 Wilbur Stapp saw mill
  7. Mandolin neck, fret boards, and peg head overlays.
  8. Tree Tipping
  9. Black Locust
  10. Split billets ripped on the 14 inch Delta bandsaw
  11. Black Locust back, sides and neck
  12. Spruce top Walnut fretboard
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