Barn wood/pallet wood bed

Another design idea borrowed this time from a bed seen on
  1. after two coats of Daly's Crystalfin semi-gloss and one top coat of Daly's Crystalfin matte polyurethane.
  2. BarnwoodBed finished!
  3. barnwoodBed 11182018
  4. headboard before touchups and adding rail connectors
  5. stained veneers, 4-inches wide in varying lengths
  6. MinWax Stains used to get that weathered look: two oil based and one water based
  7. Headboard panel with veneers applied and footboard being prepped for application of the veneers
  8. barnWoodBed HeadAndFootBoardFrames joinery
  9. barnWoodBed head and foot board frames, dry fit.
  10. barnWoodBed jointSupports
  11. palletBed - glueup of a post using table locking miters
  12. palletBed 004
  13. OscarReclaimedWoodbyKosasHome
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