Woody Kitchen

After fire remodel of a neighbor's kitchen
  1. Knotty pine on sliding door wall and it's clean
  2. Toucan nights
  3. Fishing pole supports in place
  4. Happy fish
  5. Inlay time
  6. Almost finished
  7. Bloodwood ties
  8. Walnut bartop with mineral spirits applied
  9. Same
  10. First coat of Arm-R-Seal
  11. Finished doors (they will run long way horizontally)
  12. Weaving setup
  13. Closeup of wood flow across the cabinets
  14. Frig side of kitchen
  15. Zebrawood wall
  16. Moving along
  17. From living room looking toward kitchen bar
  18. At kitchen bar looking at kitchen entrance
  19. Kitchen sink on right, patio door leading to lanai
  20. In kitchen looking toward living room
  21. At kitchen bar looking into kitchen
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