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  1. Banksia.small
  2. Black cherry burl, live edge Bottom
  3. Black cherry burl, live edge top
  4. Black cherry burl, live edge, burl grain
  5. Birch yarn bowl, inside
  6. Yarn bowl, white birch, 8 x 4
  7. Birch yarn bowl, view 2
  8. Honey Pot with detachable honey dipper.  
Cherry with walnut oil & beeswax finish.
  9. Dipper detached for easy cleaning
  10. Lid and dipper are threaded allowing easy removal for cleaning.
  11. Holding lid protects fingers from drips.
  12. Maple spherical hollowform with bark inclusion
  13. Cherry porringer and spurtle.  Holds about 1 "heart healthy" serving of oatmeal.  Or a couple handfuls of nuts as a personal snack bowl
  14. Walnut porringer as meant to be held
  15. Walnut Porringer & Spurtle.  My own design, carved handle and ring detail
  16. bottom of walnut porringer
  17. Pear porringer and matching spurtle.  Carved handles and ring detail.  Spurtle warped before finishing and has slightly off-axis knob
  18. Spurtles: Non-traditional, but ergonomic and they work well!  Top to bottom, cherry, walnut, cherry, pear
  19. hand carved cherry baby bowl, spoons
  20. Small spalted sweetgum bowl
  21. Sweetgum bowl
  22. Hand carved cherry salad set
  23. Spalted Sweetgum
  24. mystery wood cup
  25. hand carved mallee burl
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