River Table

My first attempt using resin in my woodworking. I came out OK but working with carob with resin was pretty frustrating.
  1. IMG 3758 - Legs attached. It was a long project for me but fairly satisfied.
  2. IMG 3747 - Nicer view of finished coffee table.
  3. IMG 3436 - Just waiting for the bent steel legs to be attached.
  4. IMG 3434 - I tried to be creatine with my stream bed.
  5. IMG 3384 - After flattening and the start of the sanding process.
  6. IMG 3388 - The wood was really starting to pop when I began applying the teak oil.
  7. IMG 3362 - I Created a crude router sled to flatten my slab.
  8. IMG 3166 - Laying it out and pouring resin to fill many cracks small holes, etc.
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