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11-26-2021, 7:41 PM
Black Locust
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Maurice Mcmurry

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  1. Maurice Mcmurry
    Many of the big Black Locust tree around central MO have hollow stumps. They also get attacked by Borers which introduces a fungus. The fungus grows shelf mushrooms, usually about 20 - 40 feet above the ground. The fungus rots the wood and migrates down eventually meeting the hollow stump . Many trees break off right where the mushrooms grow. This tree had about 6 feet of solid log, above the hollow stump and below the fungus.
  2. Mel Fulks
    Interesting stuff, been hearing for years how durable locust wood is . But now ,it’s also delicious to borers, and ….ironically, that is not boring.
    Sounds like lots of locust might be kept in low cost fall-out shelters.
  3. Maurice Mcmurry
    If you can get to the wood before the borers and fungus it would indeed be good for fallout shelters. Our property was cleared with a bulldozer in 1972 the rack heaps of buried wood have logs that are still solid. 5 to 10 inch diameter seem to hold up the best. Good fire wood too even after years on and in the ground.
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