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Thread: Making Mirrors From Scrap HDs

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    Making Mirrors From Scrap HDs

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    Interesting! I can see the difficulty of cutting circles out of the disc - would be nice if you could just laser cut them, but am pretty sure my 35W CO2 is not up to the task...
    Steve \o/
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    That's a fascinating site. Lots of good info but not sure I'm up for all the DIY. Today, if a customer needs something and my laser is down I'm glad Epilog service is a phone call away. Years ago I would have loved playing with a DYI laser.

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    Actually, more accessible and useful components in a hard drive are the 2 neodymium magnets. They are ridiculously powerful and can be used to hold down a warped substrate.
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    Oh, and I use Adobe Illustrator with an Epilog Mini.

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