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Thread: List of Hand Tool Makers

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    List of Hand Tool Makers

    Not sure if this has been done before, but I wish I had a list of this sort when I first started down the slippery slope. Here's my list of hand tool makers whom I am either a repeat offender, I just find them interesting, or I dream of owning their tools one day. My intent is to introduce ya'll to some manufacturers with which you may not be familiar. It is by no means an all-inclusive list, and I think it aims for the middle to upper end of the craft. I've left a few names out on purpose, and I haven't listed any of the Japanese or other tool makers because, to be honest, I'm quite ignorant on them and there are other much better resources for that info.

    Lee Valley/Veritas -
    Lie Nielsen -
    Bad Axe -
    Bridge City (Japanese style pull saws) -
    Medallion -
    Two Lawyers -
    Adria -
    Wenzloff -
    Woodjoy (Bowsaws) -
    Knew Concepts (Titanium and aluminum fretsaws) -
    Eccentric Toolworks (no longer making saws) -
    Gramercy -
    ECE (framesaws) -

    Holtey -
    Lee Valley/Veritas -
    Lie Nielsen -
    Marcou -
    Old Street (previously Clark & Williams) -
    Bridge City Toolworks -
    HNT Gordon -
    Bill Carter -
    Philly Planes -
    Brese -
    Anderson -
    Bickford (molding planes) -
    Sauer and Steiner -
    Daed Toolworks -
    Time Warp -
    Kell -
    ECE -
    Ulmia -
    Clifton (sold by a few retailers, couldn't find their webpage)
    Ray Iles - (Couldn't find their website, but they do have an infill available from a few retailers)
    DL Barrett & Sons -
    Gerd Fritsche -
    Heinz -
    Ron Hock (plane blades, kits, marking knives) -

    Chisels, Carving Knives, Drawknives, Adzes, etc:
    Lee Valley -
    Lie Nielsen -
    Blue Spruce -
    Cariboo Blades -
    Barr -
    Karlsson -
    North Bay Forge -
    Harold and Saxon -
    Ray Iles - (Can't find official website, pigsticker mortise chisels are available from several retailers)
    Ashley Iles -
    Svante Djarv -
    Stubai -
    Roush -
    Cape Forge -

    Workbench Hardware:
    Lee Valley/Veritas and Lie Nielsen, (websites listed above)
    Benchcrafted -
    Galena Village (holdfasts) -
    Noden -
    Lake Erie Tools -
    Hovartar -
    Evenfall Studios -
    Big Wood Vise -
    Tico Vogt -
    Gramercy -
    Peter Ross -
    Elmer Roush -

    Marking Gauges/Layout Tools:
    Vesper -
    Colen Clenton - (available from several retailers)
    Hamilton -
    Glen Drake (also makes hammers and funky dovetail saws) -
    Chester Toolworks -
    Woodpeck -
    Czeck Edge -

    Spokeshaves, Chairmaking tools & Travishers:
    Lee Valley/Veritas, Lie Nielsen (websites listed above)
    Dave's Shaves -
    Windsor Workshop -
    Russ Filbeck -
    Elia Bizzarri -
    Woodjoy -
    Ashem -

    Auriou -
    Iwasaki - (Can't find their website, but their offerings are machine made, affordable, and rate very well. Available from quite a few retailers)
    Gramercy -
    Liogier -
    Nicholson (#49 and 50 are machine cut; it appears that recent offerings haven't been up to their usual high standard though)

    Elkhead -

    Drill Bits
    Clico/Clifton (if you're a bit brace kind've fella)
    Colt 5 Star (can't find their website, but available at several retailers)
    Famag -

    Gransfors Bruks -

    Sorry if some of the sections overlap; some makers have more than one specialty. Hope you find the list useful.
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    Good thread - BTW - Joel at Tools for Working Wood -- sells the Ray Isles and Ashley Isles Chisels and Gouges as well as Clifton Planes.
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    This is good

    Also, Cian over at woodnet has his own neander list that is really really good.

    It has vendors as well as articles, reviews and how tos

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Joel Goodman View Post
    Good thread - BTW - Joel at Tools for Working Wood -- sells the Ray Isles and Ashley Isles Chisels and Gouges as well as Clifton Planes.
    And Auriou Rasps, And Colen Clenton Gauges, and holdfasts (along with the other stuff previously mentioned) and reads SMC compulsively.
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    Tools for Working Wood

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    Do you (or anyone else here) have experience with Karlsson? Those actually look like real carving tools. I didn't think anyone in the World made real carving tools now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Williams View Post

    Do you (or anyone else here) have experience with Karlsson? Those actually look like real carving tools. I didn't think anyone in the World made real carving tools now.
    Hans Karlsson's tools are amazing.

    Sold in US by Drew Langsner at Country Workshops


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    Hope it's been handy

    Joel, I'm a big fan of Gramercy and missed out including the Colen Clenton gauges/squares, (I own just about the whole set), I'll include that. I tried to keep the list to tool makers, not tool retailers/sellers, although TFWW was the source for several of my purchases.

    Yes, I've used the Karlsson gouges, and I got mine through the Country Workshop as well. I haven't seen/felt/read about anything that compares to them in terms of craftsmanship, edge retention, or sharpness.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel Moskowitz View Post
    ...and reads SMC compulsively.
    Who doesn't?

    Not all chemicals are bad. Without hydrogen or oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.

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    Well, rats. Langsner doesn't carry the regular carving tools and I can't locate a photo big enough that I can see what's there. The closest to carving tools I've been able to find is Stubai but they need some reshaping to be good tools.

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    Give Drew a call


    My info is a little dated, but I've previously asked Drew if he could order additional tools from Karlsson, and he told me it wouldn't be any problem. If I'm not mistaken, Karlsson even flies over to this side of the pond to teach a few courses at Country Workshops. Anyway, long story short, I'll bet if you asked Drew Langsner, he could get ahold of some of the pics you need. From their website, his contact info is: 828-656-2280 (Daily, 9-6 Eastern time)


  11. Larry,
    there is another Swedish tool maker named Svante Djärv that's worth a look.
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    North Bay Forge makes carving tools, drawknives, etc. I have the two small drawknives and have been totally impressed with them.

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    ...we could not handle the adze with half his skill:the improvement of tools had lowered the need for personal ability. W. Rose

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    Appreciate all the updates guys. Anyone know how I can modify/edit my thread now, it appears that option is no longer I have to contact a Mod?

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    Elmer Roush, he forges various things, gorgeous things I might add. I've never heard of him mentioned on any woodworking message board. His tools are laminated steel as well. ---> Go to Gallery---> Woodworking tools ( there are more things he makes as well)
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