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    Just got an email from the LaserBits folks about this new product. Anyone ever use this?

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    It seems extremely pricey , seems the same stuff as this (even wording is similar)
    Maybe a lot cheaper from them.
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    If a Ferrari is like a Toyota, then yes they are similar. The best form of flattery is to have someone copy your words and make them theirs.

    LiquaMask is not free but works fabulous for many applications. We still recommend a paper mask for some applications and the more durable Green Laser Tape and Red Polyester Tape for deep sandblasting applications.

    In our Laser Clinics we always promote simpler is better. A simpler process that allows you to get the job out the door is always better than spending hours trying to produce a saleable product.

    The down side to the LiquaMask is the drying time and that it is not recommended for bare, uncoated wood. Customers have reported major reductions in drying time by using a fan, not heat, to dry the liquid coating. As for bare uncoated wood, there is not a great solution for that right now but our team has been working a special formulation for this application.

    If you have any questions please contact me or our customer service reps.


    PS: I used LiquaMask on some Easter eggs and engraved through the coating, then dipped the egg in dye...worked great.
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    Any help with Liquimask with this?

    This is a custom logo that my cnc guy cuts for me. I have these sent to me by mail, as he is hours from me. Can I use liquimask to help paint this, or is it too late? Should it be applied before routing? If that's the case, I'm sol. Currently, I'm spray painting them with templates cut from acrylic, but it is not so good, with some overspray going on.


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    You can try

    Lexus paints from india. Who does this
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