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    Post Bowsaw resources

    Happy New Year to all!
    I've compiled some references about bowsaws and thought they might be useful for other like-minded people.

    Sawing by hand: Bowsaw is best, keep it sharp
    (by T. Frid, Fine Woodworking vol 2 num 2, 1977):
    Includes Frid's design to make your own and his sharpening vise design. Advocates sharpening them ripstyle

    How to make and use a bowsaw (You may have to regoogle it... my link works from Chile)
    (by Yeung Chan, American Woodworker #63, Dec 1997)
    Shows Chan's design and shows how and why he uses it based on things he saw in his childhood. Advocates buying new blades or converting bandsaw blades.

    Seven essentials of woodworking
    (Book by A. Guidice, 2001):
    He may be highly opinionated (I know I can be too) but he swears by them for most woodworking. Talks about using them and sharpening them. Also includes a modification of Frid's vise. Rejects converting bandsaw blades.

    Build a Bowsaw: This classic tool still has a place in the shop
    (by J Crate Larkin, FWW #151, Oct 2001):
    Shopbuild of a scroll bowsaw.

    Bowsaw basics
    (by F Klausz, Popular Woodworking #172, Nov 2008)
    Tells story of Klausz's father (and master) who reintroduced him to the advantages of of the bowsaw 35 yrs ago. References Highland Woodworking and Tools for working wood.
    3 minute dovetails Video

    Understand & Use a Bowsaw
    (by M Dunbar, Popular Woodworking #185, Oct 2010)
    A primer on how, when and why Dunbar uses a bowsaw in chairmaking.
    Video Ergonomics by Dunbar (from C Schwarz's blog)

    Also found sources:
    Highland Woodworking (I bought the cheap "Continental" model, not great, needed serious tweaking. Klausz gives the Classic 400 and 700 a good review),
    Woodjoy (good reviews by Dunbar)
    Gramercy (TFWW, good review by Klausz)
    Garret Wade is cited as a source but checked the webpage and found nothing...

    Design considerations for Bowsaws
    (Tools for Working Wood)

    That is what I've found, got and/or read blogs about.


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    Cool, I like the M Dunbar video.

    I would also add to the list
    How to Make Twelve Woodworking Tools by Aaron Moore
    tool #9 is a bowsaw that uses a modified hacksaw blade

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