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Thread: Salt Shaker: Recycled Water bottle

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    Salt Shaker: Recycled Water bottle

    I was asked a while back to turn a salt shaker for a friend to match a peppermill he already had.

    He gave me a blank to turn the shaker out of, it was an experimental Baseball Bat from Weyerhaeuser. I traced and measured diameters and gave him the mill back. Finally 6 months later I got around to it. I had talked with him and he was in no rush. I turned it Christmas day on my new toy, the beads are not as pronounced as I would like though. As I was boring the center hole it only went about 1" and then I was cutting air. About 4 inches of the blank was hollow! Man did I luck out on where I cut the 2 ends to be. So I was worried I would cut into the cavity as I shaped the shaker.

    I bought the top from Craftsupplies, but did not want to use the rubber bung. I know how overtime they can end up not fitting well, so I wanted to seal it up good. I decided to cut the top off of a water bottle I had and try epoxying it into the bottom and it worked quite well.

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    Good save! And, an innovative approach! That looks like a piece of gluelam???!?

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    That is a cool idea Keith. Really nice mill and shaker.

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    Nice shaker, turned out well. Had the same experience with hitting the hollow when I tried turning a bowling pen. Maple on the outside but quite a bit of hollow on the inside.

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    Nice looking shaker! I like your method of sealing the end of the shaker better than using a rubber bung. Looks a lot cleaner also! Your friend must be really happy with the shaker! Nice work!

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    salt shaker

    good save! looks like it worked out well

    another version of this ....
    cut the top from a water or soda bottle ..just below the cap about 1/2 inch...take the neck drill a hole the same diameter as the part under the threaded area ...insert this into the hole and shape the body how u want
    The cap is another piece ...drill a hole the same diameter and glue in the cap in and drill hole pattern in the top for salt or pepper to go threw ..great little gift idea's


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