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Thread: New Weber Spirit 2 grill. What you think.

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    I had a big giant heavy grill with a side burner I never used.
    The thing was so enormous I hated to drag it out of the enclosed patio to fire it up.

    I did a happy dance when something went wrong with it and one of the knobs caught fire and burned up into a pool of melted plastic goo.

    I replaced it with this guy:

    Small light enough to drag in and out - w/out getting a hernia - and just right for the two of us & the two dogs.

    I've used it to make dogs and burgers for 6 of us w/no problems. I just premade the burgers and stuck them in the warming oven while I burned the dogs & brauts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post
    . The porcelain coated ones still rusted and I've had to replace them twice. (if I do that again, it's going to be an aftermarket product made of anodized aluminum)
    I bought aftermarket SS grates. They work great. Haven't seen aluminum ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Lippman View Post
    I bought aftermarket SS grates. They work great. Haven't seen aluminum ones.


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    I won't buy a Weber gas grill since they shipped Spirit and Genesis II production to China. Not only did Weber shift Genesis production to a lower cost country, but they had the gall to raise the prices and cheapened the design on most models.

    Weber was high on my list for my next grill until they pulled this stunt.

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