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Thread: Anyone tried this: Peening your tenons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley Covington View Post
    Where kigoroshi becomes extremely useful is in wood connections that are exposed to water. Cooperage. Wooden bathtubs. Exposed timber frames. All softwood construction BTW. Boats use the same technique. They also kigoroshi the lapped portion of hull planks. When the planks gets wet, the joint swells watertight, and stays that way even when the boat dries out. Stan
    Below is a link to a Youtube video of a shipwright using a version of kigoroshi for planking a wooden ship. He uses a metal roller, and diring a second step, a hook to prep the joints between planks before caulking. This entire series of videos is very interesting for those into traditional techniques in woodworking.

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    Thanks Stan. I'll go watch it!

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